CBSE 10th Result 2017: Which grades you have got and what it means

cbse- CBSE 10th Result 2017: Which grades you have got and what it meansCBSE now graded for the Class X board examination. Instead of giving the students total percentage, the board gives them grades and overall grades in each subject. During admission in 10 + 2 many other boards accept grading systems. But there may be some educational boards which require an equal mark or percentage submission by students for admission in intermediate. In such a situation, understanding the CBSE’s grading system is very important.

Assessment of theory / practical papers in External Papers is in the digits. In the case of External Examination, the board will also show grades in the mark sheet. But in the case of the internal assessment subjects, the board will only show grades.

Nine point scale system is used in the External exam. However, the five points in the internal exam run A, B, C, D & E system.

The grades are given in External exams based on scores on exams. These are provided by the school in the internal exam.

In order to grade the students, the Board places all the students in one rank and gives grades on the basis of the following systems:

Which grades are given to students

A-1: Top 1/8 of Pass candidates

A-2: Next 1/8 in Close Candidates

B-1: Next 1/8 in nearby candidates

B-2: Next 1/8 in nearby candidates

C-1: Next 1/8 in Passed Candidates

C-2: Next 1/8 in Pass Candidates

D-1: Next 1/8 in nearby candidates

D-2: Next 1/8 in Pass candidates

E: fail candidate


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