Intel Core-X Series Desktop CPUs Unveiled, Including New Core i9 Chips

Intel_Corei9_cover Intel Core-X Series Desktop CPUs Unveiled, Including New Core i9 Chips

On the ongoing Computex 2017 trade show in Taipei, Intel has released a whole new Core-X group of high-end desktop CPUs plus a completely new X299 chipset to go along with it. Of take note of, is the new Intel Main i9 series, and the 18-center Core i9 Extreme Model. Typically, Intel’s high-end desktop CPUs have always been a technology behind their mainstream counterparts. For example, Broadwell-E premiered at the same time when Skylake was mainstream but this time, Intel has brought its high-end SKUs on par with today’s mainstream architectures with Skylake-X and Kaby Lake-X CPUs. Availability and exact charges for India should be known in the returning months.

We commence with Kaby Lake-X, which will initially kick off with two SKUs – a Core i7-7740X and a Main i5-7640X. The Core i7-7740X is a quad-core CPU jogging at 4.3GHz and an improvement time of 4.5GHz, helps HyperThreading, 8MB of L3 cache and facilitates 16 PCIe 3.0 lanes. The Core-i55 variant will run at a just a little lower 4GHz with a boost clock of 4.2GHz and does not support HyperThreading. The L3 cache is also a little lower at 6MB but it can support the same quantity of PCIe lanes. Both CPUs will support dual route DDR4 memory space at up to 2666MHz and also have the same TDP of 112W. Kaby Lake-X CPUs won’t support Intel’s Turbo Raise Utmost 3.0 technology.

Skylake-X CPUs will support Intel’s Turbo Raise Max 3.0 technology (except for the Core i7-7800X) along with higher central matters (up to 18 cores), more than increase the PCIe lanes and support for quad-channel DDR4 recollection. Intel has so far announced three SKUs for the Skylake-X CPUs, starting with the Main i7-7800X. This CPU operates at 3.5GHz with raise clock placed to 4GHz and features six cores with HyperThreading. The marginally faster Core i7-7820X CPU operates at marginally higher clock acceleration but also packs in eight cores with 11MB of L3 cache and 28 PCIe lanes.

Intel_Corei9_story_ Intel Core-X Series Desktop CPUs Unveiled, Including New Core i9 Chips

In order to distinguish the extreme model SKUs, Intel has released a brand new Main i9 series and right now, we just have information regarding the Central i9-7900X. The base and boost time clock rates of speed are lower set alongside the other Core-i7 models in the line up but this CPU has 10 cores with HyperThreading, 13.75MB of L3 cache and an enormous 44 PCIe lanes. Intel has detailed the names of future Key i9 CPUs but haven’t disclosed finer details of clock rates of speed, cache, etc, yet. This consists of the 12-key Central i9-7920X; 14-core Central i9-7940X; 16-primary Central i9-7960X and the crazy 18-core Main i9-7980XE.

All CPUs from the Core-X family will be using Intel’s new X299 chipset, which uses a new LGA 2066 outlet. The new chipset presented features like DMI 3.0 link which should help improve throughput times and support for Intel Optane memory. In addition, it brings I/O features like support for 24 PCIe 3.0 lanes, up to eight SATA 3.0 plug-ins and up to 10 USB 3.0 jacks. We can be prepared to see new motherboards from Intel’s table partners turning up in the a few months to come.

Speaking on the release, Gregory Bryant, Corporate Vice Chief executive and General Supervisor Client Processing Group said in a post, “The Intel Core X-series cpu family introduces a series of firsts that reflect the extreme performance we live providing. This family includes Intel’s first teraflop desktop CPUs, a primary example of just how much raw compute these processors are designed for. We’re also presenting the totally new Intel Core i9 processor, representing the highest performance for advanced gambling, VR and article marketing. At the top of the lineup is the new Intel Central i9 Extreme Model cpu – the first consumer desktop CPU with 18 cores and 36 threads.”


  • Skylake-X and Kaby Lake-X will be based on the new Basin Falls platform
  • Sklylake-X series will eventually have a 18 core variant in the future
  • Intel X299 chipset will use a new LGA 2066 socket
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