Nokia 3310 Launched in India: 5 Reasons Why You Should – or Shouldn’t – Buy the Phone

nokia_3310_red_black_yellow_reuters Nokia 3310 Launched in India: 5 Reasons Why You Should - or Shouldn't - Buy the Phone

Nokia 3310, the prodigal kid of the Finnish company, is back in today’s avatar with a cost label of Rs. 3,310. The traditional Nokia handset was beloved for several things as the long battery pack life, the sturdiness, the rudimentary-yet-addictive Snake game, and customisable ringtones. Nokia 3310 (2017) brings back of many of these, but provides a few new features to the blend, such as 2G Internet, a camera, and modern colorings. But will these features be enough to make the new Nokia 3310 a success or does it have just the nostalgia factor to rely on when it comes to sales. We check out pros and cons of shopping for the new Nokia 3310 to help you create the ultimate decision.

Why you need to choose the new Nokia 3310
The brand new Nokia 3310 was the largest attraction at the company’s MWC 2017 start, and received more attention than the new Nokia Google android phones announced at the same time. This in itself shows how popular the initial feature mobile phone – a phone that can just make calls and send texts – was in the 2000s. Below are a few reasons why you would want to buy the Nokia 3310.

1. Nostalgia
The Nokia 3310 (2017) sustains the design cues of its previous incarnation, including the rounded corners and curved display screen, which Nokia has stated will make for better “readability in natural light.” The reboot also comes with new push control keys. Aside from newer alterations and changes, the new Nokia 3310 without doubt brings a wave of nostalgia for the fans of the brand. If you are among those who cherished feature cell phones from Nokia then that one is made for you.

2. Battery life
When compared to today’s smartphones, the new Nokia 3310 stands nowhere but then you can buy it as a second telephone with excellent power life. It offers of a battery standby as high as per month, which is impossible to match for any smartphone available for sale today. Much like the original, considerable battery life is one of the biggest features of the new Nokia 3310. It packages a detachable 1200mAh battery which it promises offers 22 hour of talk-time. Also, it features one useful modern touch – it doesn’t use the pin charger, and instead works together with a typical Micro-USB port, found on most Android smartphones.

nokia_3310_yellow_front_ Nokia 3310 Launched in India: 5 Reasons Why You Should - or Shouldn't - Buy the Phone

3. Snake
A lot more than the await the Nokia 3310 reboot, there were some fans who have been looking forward to the renowned Snake game’s go back. It has made a comeback on the feature telephone with a few updates on the way, and has also been optimised for the color screen.

4. Toughness
In 2000s, the initial Nokia 3310 had been tagged as a near-indestructible mobile durable enough to make it through countless drops. The brand new phone is likely to be similar in terms of strength and reliability. And if the new Nokia 3310 does indeed break for reasons uknown or you lose it, it will not cost you a bomb.

5. Available offline
Unlike almost every other brand today, HMD Global has went the offline path, at least for the Nokia 3310 reboot. That is clearly a plus as you will not have to spend your time on the Internet on buying and then waiting for the phone to dispatch. A trip to a nearest Nokia seller will end your search for the Nokia 3310. This will likely also mean that you’ll get hands-on time with these devices before you made a decision to actually spend your cash on it.

Why you mustn’t buy the new Nokia 3310
The new Nokia 3310 may bring a whole lot of remembrances of your younger-self but then the days have transformed. These reasons might dissuade you from placing your cash down for the Nokia 3310.

1. Price
At a price of Rs. 3,310, you can purchase a smartphone that facilitates more features than the Nokia 3310. Considering the whole package, the Nokia 3310 definitely seems somewhat overpriced for the Indian market, where similar feature telephones sell for under Rs. 1,000.

2. No fast Internet or Jio support
The phone facilitates only 2G connectivity which means that there is no fast Internet support: there’s no 3G, or 4G, or Wi-Fi. This also means it won’t focus on the Reliance Jio network that offers unlimited telephone calls to its subscribers, which is a real shame.

3. No apps
Apart from that, the new Nokia 3310 will likewise have no support for popular apps. The telephone comes pre-installed with go for apps but there’s no WhatsApp, no Facebook, no Twitter. Considering that WhatsApp has replaced texts for many of us, it does take some adjustment.

4. Forget cameras
With introduction of smartphones, the selfie camera is a significant feature to show off in the Indian market. Without front-camera, the Nokia 3310 missed out on a big feature. In the camera front side, the new Nokia 3310 only sports activities a 2-megapixel camera with LED flash, so your photographs will leave something to be desired.

5. Low-res display
A 2-megapixel camera isn’t a large problem considering that you don’t have a display to enjoy your photographs on anyways. The Nokia 3310 includes a 2.4-inches QVGA (240×320 pixels) colour display, compared to the 48×84 pixel resolution of the initial. That is clearly a huge step up, but is still will not be too handy for just about any media utilization, of either pictures or videos.

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